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Security is not guesswork and nothing can be predetermined prior to the conclusion of the all-encompassing investigation phase



A full picture is formed that is specific and unique to each site and circumstance. The often-used cost saving, cut-and-paste methodology is a dangerous practice. It is also a commonly identified reason that security fails when one attempts to copy the security solutions of one site, building or even community to another. This will still not work even if the sites appear identical at face-value. There are just too many varying and influencing factors that need to be considered. This practice is highly dangerous and not recommended. Where more than one site or building exists within a company portfolio, the Security Plan will cover each and every one of these individually.


Security is not a 0nce-off solution. Although the site can run at optimal security functionality for a few years, it is important to remember that your security must be reviewed periodically by the relevant parties, so as not to become outdated. This will prohibit that redundancy does not become a limiting factor in ensuring the integrity of the deployed systems.

If applicable, we will review your current Security Risk Assessment report and cross-reference all our findings. It is, therefore, necessary that in the event that upgrades may be required in the future, that this is incorporated into the initial Security Plan and the security foundation so that costs can already, at this stage, be anticipated, allowed for or decreased, where possible.


1. Corporate authorities do not realise that security is their responsibility. In the end, the buck stops at the highest rung of the corporate ladder.
2.Security is not only a technical or hardware issue. It is a business issue.
3.Every Security Plan must be based on a full Security Risk Assessment report.
4.Security is a multi-level discipline. There is no quick checklist or off the shelf solution.
5.Risk Management and Security Risk Assessment is not the same thing.
6.Security Policies need to be easily understood by all employees, not just management.
7.Your security and assessment document needs to be audited every 2 to 3 years.
8.Your security structure must be information based.
9.The importance of Security Awareness is not realised.
10.Security Managers are not empowered with the correct infrastructure or tools to perform their duties optimally.
11.Your OHS report and the Security Risk Assessment are not the same documents. Both of these are essential.
12.The same person cannot be employed as the Security Manager, the Health & Safety Officer or the Emergency & Disaster Planning Manager.
13.Risk assessment is vital for Emergency & Disaster Planning and Management.


Considering the fact that the Security Risk Assessment is a rather new and original concept in South Africa, the true value and benefits thereof are not fully understood and often remain unrealized. This is largely due to the fact that this concept is simply unknown. Unfortunately, in this sense, our country is behind the global trends, defined practices, good governance and alignment of our industry counterparts. Alwinco remains the determined sole consultancy and, at times, a controversial voice advocating the need for the Independent Security Risk Assessment.

Security Risk Assessments are also referred to as Security Audits, Asset Protection, Security Inspections, Threat Analysis, Security Survey, Security Threat Assessment and Vulnerabilities Identification. These are only a few other titles which further leads to confusion and misconception as to exactly what an independent Security Risk Assessment is. A comprehensive Security Risk Assessment encompasses all of the aforementioned references.
Despite all different terms used to address the Security Risk Assessment, the goal at the end of the day remains to identify all weaknesses, risk, vulnerabilities, deficiencies and even excesses within your physical security. This includes both the tangible and intangible. A full investigation is necessary to enable the formulation of an individualistic plan to address and remedy these findings.
The Security Risk Assessment can benefit everyone. This includes corporate entities, institutions, industrial sites, warehouses, logistical companies, homeowners, as well as the general public and those owning businesses or managing complexes, estates, office blocks, or a variety of other buildings.


When considering risk in terms of ones physical security, it should be noted that security is not just hardware or even the security team onsite. A propertys entire security status is directly influenced in terms of some intangible elements, too. This includes managerial control and the determination and willpower to ensure the safety and security of all persons working on and those visiting the premises. This also includes the safeguarding against liability, loss and business interruption.

For corporate entities, factories, warehouses and governmental institutions, there are the additional threats with regards to overall Security Awareness from the staff. Employees can unwittingly negatively impact security due to negligence or simply because they do not have the necessary knowledge and understanding and the incorrect attitude towards crime and security.


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